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Replacement FML27 Daylight 6500K Light Bulbs

FML light bulbs are also commonly known as Quad Tubes, FPL, FDL and Quadruple Lamp.  All FML bulbs are compact fluorescent (CFL).

Wattage and Color

Planet Bulb offers the 18 watt, 27 watt and 36 watt FML versions.  The 18w is only available in the natural daylight 6500K but our 27 and 36 watt bulbs are available in three colors:

  1. 2700K - warm white 
  2. 4100K 4100K - bright white
  3. 6500k 6500K - daylight
Natural Spectrum
FML bulbs are known for their ultraviolet (UV) spectrum of natural sunlight.  Beautiful fluorescent light is ideal for reading, viewing computer monitors, desk lamps and healthy lighting.

Energy Efficient
Compact fluorescent lighting is 400% more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting.  A standard 150W GE lightbulb would be replaced with a 36W FML to produce the same amount of light.  Your energy bill is measured in watts.  More watts mean higher bills.  Lowering your home or office wattage use by 75% then you will save 75% on your annual lighting costs!